Whats coming in 2023?

TToopppppo of the afternoon to you ladies and gentlemen!

What the heck are we in for in 2023? No crystal ball needed. Just math, history, and logic!

I made some predictions for next year in terms of silver, bitcoin, markets, and some info on mining. Check out the video for the full scoop!

Here’s the video

Here’s the summary:
Greg Foss recently stated that bitcoin should be worth $2.1 million per bitcoin in todays dollars. I discussed his theory and what needs to happen for us to get there.

There’s also some serious stuff happening in the silver/gold markets as the big boys are starting to take possession of their metals. The silver premiums are buzzin due to the supply crunch.

It’s also very exciting to be living in the prairies right now. Technology now allows us to convert methane gas into bitcoin using the (otherwise wasted) energy. I see this as a huge opportunity for oil and gas companies in the near future.

And finally, although we can’t be certain of what’s coming… we can be prepared.

I shared three things that everyone in bitcoin, silver, or gold should be doing right now to help keep them sheltered from any future events.

Hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is always welcome!

Peace + Love