What if?

TTTTOPPP of the morning to you ladies and gents!

This post is for anyone out there who currently holds bitcoin or crypto in their investment portfolio.

First of all, congrats. It’s far more risky to not own any Bitcoin at this stage of the game.

Second of all, I want to ask you some “WHAT IF” questions.
– what if the market ran up tomorrow?
– what if your portfolio 10x overnight?
– what if your favorite exchange was down for maintenance when you wanted to buy or sell?
– what if your favorite exchange went bankrupt or closed?
– what if your house got broken into?
– what if your house caught on fire?
– what if you got hit by a train on your way to work?
– what if you lost your phone?

Do you have a contingency plan for any of these questions?
Do you have any sort of plan written down on paper?
Do you have a target price or exit strategy for selling your crypto?
Do you have back-up of your private keys held in a different location?

Good news! I’m now offering a private 1-on-1 package for bitcoin/crypto holders to help them get a plan and process in place to ensure their wealth is protected.

*Important note: For any storage/security solutions, I will NEVER EVER ask for your private keys or the location where they are stored. This is just a conversation where I will provide some recommendations and you can decide and implement on your own.

There’s A LOT at stake here. Let’s get it sorted out.