12 magic words

…to help you escape any country with your wealth!

This morning I was reading about a doctor in Kenya who was arrested for trying to flee the country with 7kg of gold in an oxygen tank.

He had an infant with him and was pretending that the child needed the oxygen tank to breathe.

It’s disgusting and sad that people have to go to such extreme lengths just to restore their life’s work.

The worst part is that his government has already taken a large chunk of his life’s energy through income tax. And now those greedy bastards want every last ounce of it. Or kilogram in this case.

We have it pretty good here in Canada. But there are millions of people around the world in this exact scenario trying to flee their country. They are unable to escape with their wealth without it being seized from the government agencies.

But luckily, there’s a solution. He should’ve just used bitcoin instead.

As long as he had the 12 magic words memorized IN HIS HEAD, no one could’ve confiscated that at the border. And once he landed at his destination, he just plugs in the words and restores the bitcoin wallet.

People around the world are beginning to see the benefits of bitcoin more clearly than we do because we still have a functioning banking system here in the Western world.

These 12 magic words, if used properly, will help you carry around your wealth anywhere in the world. Regardless of how tyrannical your government is.

The game is changing!