Daily bitcoin journey

bitcoin journey

What is daily Bitcoin journey?

The Daily Bitcoin Journey is a live show on YouTube and Rumble every morning at 8am CST.

The purpose of these daily shows are to keep you informed. The show spawned from a spike in scams and fraud for some clients. Instead of being reactive and trying to recover these funds, the show is designed to help everyone in the community be proactive and avoid these situations.

Education and a bit of entertainment. The show is focused on actionable and logical discussion for bitcoiners AND future bitcoiners. We’re going through it together.

Consider stopping by sometime in the live chat. There’s always some friendly faces to welcome you. And every Thursday we do a live q&a which is a great opportunity to ask the burning questions.

You can also find the Daily Bitcoin Journey on a new streaming platform called Zap.Stream! It is bitcoin compatible and very fun to interact with. Click here to check it out!

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