The train is not slowing down

Even bitcoiners are underestimating what’s about to happen here.

The supply crunch in bitcoin over these next six months will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

This theory is based on two simple assumptions:

  1. Bitcoin ETF will get approved in the US
  2. The price will go up once it’s been approved

It seems inevitable that the bitcoin etf will be approved in the US at some point. And the combination of increased demand and fixed supply, the price will inherently move upwards.

So here’s my theory and potential timeline:

-The slow climb has begun
*rich people do not care about bitcoin right now

-ETF gets approved – any day now

-Buying frenzy begins and price shoots up

-Capital flows from other asset classes into bitcoin
*this is important and being overlooked imo

-Retail market gets FOMO – 69k

-New BTC investors see their investment going up
while their other investments are going down

-They call their advisors, BUY MORE!

-Advisor says, from where?!

-Halving in April 2024
*new supply is chopped in half

Which leads to the main question here, where’s the bitcoin coming from?

19.5 million bitcoin outstanding
70% of that hasn’t moved in over a year
6 million bitcoin “available “unlocked”
1.8 million bitcoin left on exchanges

Let’s compare this scenario to other assets classes, and what would happen with a major price upwards movement…

gold – mine more gold, very abundant

stocks – issues more shares and grow company

land – you can’t make new land…
but there are significant costs involved with buying and selling. fixed annual costs.
local geographic market.
government regulation.

The key here is that you can’t create more bitcoin.

The supply crunch is coming. The train is not slowing down.

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