Unfortunately for the innovation, most people are still fixated on the price of bitcoin in US dollars.

But how can you accurately measure something against an asset with an infinite and unknown supply?

-Bitcoin adoption continues to rise.
-The bitcoin network continues to grow.
-Countries either have or are in the process of making it legal tender.
-Big investment firms like Fidelity will be offering to their clients.
-Bitcoin mining is now converting otherwise wasted energy (like methane gas or volcanic heat) into a monetary asset.
-The bitcoin lightning network is solving existing issues which had hindered adoption.

How and why is this happening even though the “price” continues to drop?

The power of exponential growth.

We’re still in the very early stages of this phenomenon. The price is not yet a true reflection of the value. Bitcoin adoption is growing faster than the internet.

More and more people are starting use bitcoin. And when they use bitcoin, they see how superior it is to the legacy system, and spread the word.

1 person tells 2 people.
Those 2 people tell 4 people.
Those 4 people tell 8 people.
Those 8 people tell 16 people.
You get the idea…

Forget the price and focus on the network.

Networks are powerful – and the bitcoin network is growing every single day.

I am very optimistic about the next few years as we approach another bitcoin halving cycle.

As the network grows and the new supply continues to shrink, the price will only move one way.

Someday soon, the $ price will catch up the value of bitcoin. Until then, get as many cheap SATS as you can.

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Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have a great NEW YEAR!
2023 is going to be the best year yet!

Peace + Love