The savior

El Salvador aka The SAVIOR was the first country on earth to make bitcoin legal tender!

El Salvador is home to over 20 active volcanoes. The geothermal heat from these volcanoes is being used to mine bitcoin!

The President, Nayib Bukele, is a major advocate for bitcoin. His long-term plan is to eliminate the incomes taxes in El Salvador. Using the volcanic energy to mine bitcoin will subsidize the income taxes for citizens.

Capital from all around the world is currently flowing into El Salvador. New infrastructure is being built all along the coast – including the infamous Bitcoin Beach!

There is also a small venture capital group headquartered out of El Salvador that I’m apart of. The group is investing in cryptocurrency start-up projects. There is still opportunity to invest in the fund or just specific projects who have applied for funding. And the best part, no capital gain tax in El Salvador! Send me a message if you have any interest in learning more or would like to be apart of this group!

It will be very interesting to see what the world looks like in 20 years. The countries who can produce energy for the lowest cost will be the winners. The countries who ban mining or cannot produce cheap energy will be the losers.

Watch out for countries like El Salvador (using volcanic energy) or smaller countries in Africa (using solar energy) to grow exponentially. The GDP in El Salvador has seen a massive spike since they made bitcoin legal tender. It has attracted tourists from all over the world coming to explore!

Should you be mining bitcoin? Based on current price, if you can produce energy at a rate lower than $0.05 per kwh, you should definitely be using it to mine bitcoin.