Sunday scaries

Most people hate Mondays but I’m a big fan. It’s like a fresh start – kinda like New Year’s Day.

Tuesday’s on the other hand… yuck.

Anyways, I wanted to discuss something that I’ve been trying to implement lately. Also hoping that some of the small business owners who read this can test it and see what kind of results come from it.

The theme of this experiment is attention arbitrage… In particular, posting more content on weekends.

It’s based on Gary Vaynerchuk theory of undervalued attention. He refers to early Tik Tok when you could post any random video and get hundreds of thousands of views. Because at that time, there was only a few people putting out the content with HUGE amounts of people consuming the content.

It’s a little different now on Tik Tok. It’s much more difficult to get a viral video because there’s way more people posting content now. More people posting content means you have to work harder to get eyes on your stuff.

So I’ve started to test this same theory on weekends and will continue for the next little while. Why?

– the majority of businesses aren’t posting on weekends because their employees are off. Less content to compete with.

– now that the temperatures are in the single digits, most people spend their weekends watching football on the couch and playing on their phones. More people consuming content.

Less competition and more attention available.

Personally I try to unplug a little on weekends so this can be a challenge. Creating content and saving it in the drafts can be a great way to counteract this. It only takes a couple seconds to open your apps and post some drafts that you’ve been accumulating through the week. Then get right back to slamming your beers.

Give it a try and let me know what kind of results you get! Although I don’t want too many people trying it because that would dilute the theory haha! Just kidding – probably only 100 will see this so we’re okay!

Send me an email or leave a comment below with your results!