Advice for new business owners

Finally a post that isn’t related to bitcoin!!

I was talking with my dad over the weekend and trying to help him get setup on social media to promote his new real estate venture. I came up with a few ideas that have been critical to growing KNG Golf online presence over the past three years. And so I wanted to share them.

CONTENT IS GOLD – Keep content at the top of your mind every day. You have this amazing invention called a cell phone in your pocket. This device takes amazing pictures and video that can be used either today or a year from now.
You can take a picture and post it today. You can also save that photo in an organized external hard drive with the rest of your content so that it’s easy to retrieve it when you need it for a future related post. I compare content to gold in a vault – you store it all in reserves to be used at a later date!

CASH IS BLOOD – Small businesses often fail because they don’t have a great process in place for collecting money from customers. The work has been done. The product has been sold. Now you just have to collect the money. New business owners are generally focused on making their product or service the best it can be and put the collections to the side. A focus should be placed on getting this process nailed down and collecting the income as soon as possible.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY – Don’t worry about posting 10x a day like some people advise. Try to do one post per day – on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or TikTok.
Make sure you’re always at the top of your customer’s mind. This new way of promoting your brand is FREE – so utilize it.
For every 10 posts, make sure that 8 or 9 of those posts are not related to your product or service. Talk about your industry, what you’ve learned, something you did personally, etc.

These are just a few things I’ve learned as a new business owner. We are very proud of how much we’ve grown KNG in a few short years. We also have a ton of learning to do and also need to practice what we preach. Collections is something that we’ve struggled with due to the nature of our business. But, we are working on it.

Speaking of that, feel free to share the best business advice you’ve learned through the years and how you’ve implemented it in your business. Leave a comment below or send me a message!

I posted a video on YouTube going a little further in-depth into these ideas. The link is here.

Peace + Love